Chloe the Book Critic

Today I’m featuring a guest canine on my blog. She’s best known in the literary world as Chloe the Book Critic, and let me tell you: she’s the toughest critic I’ve ever met. She likes to try as many types of literature as possible, but writers beware: she eats what she doesn’t like.

And I haven’t met a book she likes yet!

She started out her early months as a critic of newspapers. It looks like perhaps she’s a fan of shopping because she left a few of the store circulars intact:


Here we see her brother Buster, who is not a book critic, wondering how she could be so critical, even of the sports and weather section:


It’s even been rumored that she devoured (quite literally, I’m sorry to say) a copy of Corgi Capers. In her most recent endeavors, she decided to critique a book her person had borrowed from a friend. Chloe only made it a few pages in before deciding the book was worthy of her harshest criticism:


But who could stay mad at that face?

IMAG0442Chloe is a rescue; she used to be a racing greyhound, but at only three years old, she broke her toe, making her eligible for rescue status. She has a sweet personality and is even friends with the corgis. Since her rescue, she has healed, gained weight, learned how to play, and adjusted to life with her beloved brother Buster. She is well-loved by her human.

If you have written a book that you’d like reviewed or critiqued… don’t send it to Chloe!

I sometimes feature guest dogs on this dog blog. If you’re interested in featuring your pup, let’s chat: send me an email!

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