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Corgi Capers: Deceit on Dorset Drive by Val Muller is the first book in the Corgi Capers mystery series.Fifth-grader Adam Hollinger looked forward to an ordinary summer: All-Star baseball practice, reading comic books, begging his parents for a dog, and avoiding his mischievous older sister. But things get crazy when the Hollingers adopt two corgi puppies and the team’s star pitcher breaks his arm. Even worse, a serial burglar has been targeting the neighborhood, and the Hollingers’ house is on the list. When the adults of the town become stumped, it’s up to Adam and the puppies to set things straight.

Where to buy:  for e-readers | direct from author (autographed) | direct from publisherAmazon.com | Amazon UK

What will Chicks on the Right readers love about the book?

  • Adam is an individual. He thinks for himself.
  • Adam’s father is a small-business owner.
  • Adam’s mother is a non-union copy editor.
  • It’s readable by kids ages 7-12, but the text is a fun and humorous read for older kids and adults as well.
  • Dancing With Bear Children’s Line is an imprint of a small publishing company, so your purchase helps support small business.

Here’s what people are saying about Corgi Capers:

My daughter (age 11) read this book and loved it. She just burned through the pages, wanting to solve the mystery.

This is a cute and fun read. Any kid who wonders what their animals are thinking will enjoy the narration by the corgis.”

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  1. Just the fact that you put “he thinks for himself” in order to make us buy this book makes me wonder whether you want us to “think for ourselves”.

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me Keith. This is a site for a kid’s book being OFFERED for sale. Nobody is making anybody else do anything…

  3. Sounds like a great book. Looking forward to reading it with my daughter.

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