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Voula Trip Photography

My good friend from elementary school recently helped me with a photo shoot for my upcoming book. Voula is an awesome photographer and has shot weddings and other special events for years now. She operates out of the Washington DC/Baltimore area, and I recommend her for her professionalism and creativity.

She recently posted some pictures from our photo shoot on her blog at:

I encourage you to take a look at her portfolio at Voula Trip Photography

You’ll also be able to see her picture when my book comes out next month 🙂

DWB Christmas Contest!

Win a library of DWB books–find the picture of the manger on as many DWB authors’ websites as possible, and send the EXACT URLs (of the pages that contain the picture), as well as the holiday greeting found near the picture, to dancingwithbear (at) The contest ends Dec. 22, and the winner will be the person who sends the most correct URLs. If there is a tie, there will be a drawing for the winner.

Here are the URLs for the home pages that contain the pictures. Once you get to each site, you’ll have to search through the pages to find the exact URL:

Corgis Visit K-9 Town!

The Corgi Capers corgis recently paid a visit to K-9 Town to meet with Omar Blue and his canine buddies. You can read all about the corgis’ adventure at O. Warfield’s blog.

O. Warfield is the author of Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA.

Happy Holidays from the Corgis and Dancing With Bear Publishing

Dancing With Bear Publishing is gearing up to launch its online Christmas Party on December 9. Readers are invited to join the DWB Yahoo Group at to stay notified of upcoming promotions and events.

There are also lots of great new books on the DWB site,, or the site for children’s books,

As a teacher, I am always heartened to see that even in our digital age, people still enjoy reading. Consider supporting independent presses this year by giving the gift of books to your loved ones.

Happy Holidays 🙂

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