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The Stars in Verse

It’s the middle of the Corgi-Versary celebration, and what better way than to add some “Verse”? Here are four limericks introducing the four main characters of the series:

ZephThere once was a doggy named Zeph

He was afraid of things right and left.

But he put away fear

And perked up his ear

And discovered the cause of the theft.


SapphieThere once was a puppy named Sapphie

Whose demeanor left her quite happy.

Her favorite thing was her food,

Her bed, toys, and scarf, too—

Loving everything, she squealed, loud and yappy.


CourtneyfinalCourtney, the middle school girl

Lived in her secure, text-messaging world.

But a burglar broke in

And stifled her grin,

Leaving her teenage world all awhirl.


AdamfinalAdam’s the star of the book.

Like a detective, he knows where to look.

He’ll solve any crime

With just enough time

To read to Zeph from his new comic book.

Valentine’s Day Giveaway


Dancing With Bear, the publisher of Corgi Capers, is hosting a Valentine’s Day Giveaway! To enter, visit You can win dinner for two and sweets for your Sweet. (Sorry, but family of authors are not allowed to win.)


Don’t forget about the Corgi Capers giveaway and other opportunities, which are running all month:

Want to review Corgi Capers?

AdamfinalDo you love to read? Want to write a review of Corgi Capers?

CORGICAPERS1_VMULLER_FINALFrom now until the end of the Corgi-Versary Celebration, I’m offering free electronic copies of Corgi Capers: Deceit on Dorset Drive in exchange for an honest book review (I want the good, the bad, and the ugly!).


Please email me to request your copy, and include the name of your blog, Goodreads account, Amazon username, and/or any other location you would post the review.


Thanks for your interest, and happy reading!

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