Corgi Poetry

It’s National Poetry Month, and I’ve been challenging myself to write a poem each day. As you can imagine, some of those poems just happen to be about my corgis, Leia and Yoda. Here’s one I wrote a few days ago inspired by true events, of course.

“Grading is Better with a Corgi on Each Foot, a Ghazal”

Grading late work is better with my corgis.
Office: sitting warm, cool view, nearby: corgis.

Late work floods my screen: drowning. No end in sight.
Perhaps students were distracted by corgis

Or whatever intrigue captivates their soul:
Cat, hamster, book, song, or asking “Why?” Corgis

Don’t question why I sit at my screen all day.
My feet are their pillow. Sleep. Snore. Lie, corgis.

Life is better with a corgi on each foot.
And what helps me when work makes me cry? Corgis.

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  1. And who makes you feel guilty if you move your feet? Corgis !

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