Confessions of a Cowardly Corgi

Confessions of a Cowardly Corgi

By Yoda Corgi


I like to sit within my crate,

But only when I’m told to.

My sister goes in hers whenever—

But I’m not bold enough to.

If I want to nap inside my crate,

I’ll simply sit beside it

Until my person says “go in”

And gives a treat to eat inside it.


There are several things I like a lot—

And many, not at all.

If I wasn’t a Pembroke with a stub,

I’d even be afraid of my tail.


I’m afraid when my person kickboxes,

Even at 20 feet away!

And my sister loves stuffed toys a lot,

But they’re much too scary for play.

Yoda terrified

I’m terribly scared of sudden noises,

Like if someone coughs or sneezes.

And the hair on my butt stands on end

At the scents carried by soft breezes.


There’s a world out there that’s so unknown

Filled with frightening mysteries.

I prefer my house, my yard,

Familiar places and trees.

This is my brother being attentive and boring.

Ceramic ducks, aluminum foil,

And being pet too roughly,

Thunderstorms and fire alarms

Frighten me much too muchly!

Yoda: Are you gonna protect me from my crazy sister?

But I’ll curl on your blanket

While you pet me to sleep

As my storing masks scary noises

That echo and creep—

Though I’ll warn you of intruders

With valiant, fearful bark—


Then I’ll love you forever

With all of my heart.


The loving and frightened Yoda Corgi is an inspiration for the main character, Raven, in Cora Cassidy and the Craven Corgi, now available at The story is written in verse and is appropriate to be read aloud to younger children.

The front cover, illustrated by the talented Yuming Coa.

The front cover, illustrated by the talented Yuming Coa.

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