Letter from the Queen

…or at least her Lady-in-Waiting.

Some months ago, I sent the Queen of England a copy of Corgi Capers to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. I figured: the Queen loves corgis, and the book makes reference to certain elements of British history. The story takes place in Pennsylvania and includes references to the War of the Roses (with Lancaster and York Counties in PA being named after their counterparts in England). In fact, Adam’s baseball team is called the Reds, with the red rose inside of a baseball as their logo. I wasn’t sure about British etiquette, and I didn’t know whether she’d personally receive or respond to my gift, but a few of my friends and family members encouraged me to send it. This summer I received a letter from the Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting:


Whether or not the Queen actually read my message to her, I was touched by the message and thought it would be interesting to share.

If you haven’t read Corgi Capers yet, you can find it on Amazon.com (and can even borrow it for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member with a Kindle) or at www.dancingwithbearpublishing.com.

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  1. I love the idea of the Queen having your book. Maybe a prince or princess will enjoy it. What a nice thought!

  2. That is awesome, Val. I’m sure she’ll want the sequel too! And please post this on DWB’s FB page too. Wonderful message.

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