Dueling Corgis

This Friday, June 8th, Leia and Yoda will join up with another pair of corgis to take part in a book signing event at Books and Other Found Things, a used book store in downtown Leesburg. This will be part of Leesburg’s First Friday celebration, so I hope the weather holds out. We’ll be set up in the beautiful back yard of the store under a canopy of trees from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Before the signing, I wanted to introduce the corgis’ canine partners.

Merlin and Razz are the canine authors of The Tale of Two Corgis (they wrote it with help from their human parents, Claudia and Bruce Winkle). Merlin and Razz are the corgis of the Cardigan variety—they are larger and have tails, as compared to the stubbly-butt Pembroke Welsh variety (i.e., Yoda and Leia).  The beautifully-illustrated book documents the daily adventures of the two Cardigans.

Yoda, a Pembroke

Merlin, a Cardigan








Meet the stars of The Tail of Two Corgis


About Merlin:

Merlin is an AKC registered Cardigan Welsh Corgi, officially named “Dobcarr’s The Magician”.

The Brindle-and-White-colored corgi was born on March 7, 2009.He has a white blaze on his face which is shaped like a heart at the top. His white collar goes all around his neck, and he has a black polka a dot on his right front knee.

He loves to have people admire how handsome he is and to make new friends. Merlin has been in many breed dog shows and have lots of ribbons. He enjoys seeing all the other dogs at the shows and making new friends.


About Razz:

Razz is an AKC registered Cardigan Welsh Corgi officially named “Dobcarr’s Razzamatazz.” He was born on October 19, 2010. Like Merlin, his coloring is also Brindle and White, but he has lots of blond highlights on his back end. The white blaze on his face is shaped like a flame at the top, and his white collar only goes three quarters of the way around his neck. He is training to start showing in Rally.

Photos of Merlin and Razz courtesy of Bruce Winkle.

You can learn all about Merlin and Jazz here.

The book signing will also feature splotch artist Steve Loya (check out his awesome artwork here)

About the Books:

A mystery adventure for young detectives! In this chapter book, fifth-grader Adam Hollinger takes on a serial burglar in the town of Stoney Brook, Pennsylvania. With baseball practice, comic books, and an annoying older sister, can he and his newly-adopted corgi puppies find the criminal in time? A great read for independent readers, and an enjoyable read for adults to read to their children.


A Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Book about the true daily adventures of two spirited Cardigan Welsh Corgi dogs. Your family will connect with the Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed and enjoy the fun, and the mischief, of Merlin and Razz…..The Corgis with the Tail.
Written by Merlin and Razz with the help of their Mom and Dad.

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