Chicken Soup: Making a Family

chipcuteI am happy to share that my story, “Making a Family,” appeared in a recent edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul. It’s the story of my childhood dog, Chip, and the way he influenced our family–even those of us thought to have a heart of stone.

Chicken Soup has recently made my story available to read for free. You can click here to read all about Chip and the way he changed my family.


My publisher, Barking Rain Press, has made all of the company’s ebooks available for just $1.99 from now until July 10. If you love dogs, check out Seven Days to Goodbye by Sheri Levy, a novel about a therapy dog in training. You can also check out my young adult novel, The Scarred Letter, or dozens of other titles.


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  1. eightpawswriting

    Thanks, Val. That was a nice surprise. Congrats on your story being in Chicken Soup for the Soul. I love these books and look forward to reading your story. Years ago I wrote a memoir about our latest rescue, but haven’t written the final draft. I have many projects and when those are completed, maybe I’ll polish it. How is your baby girl? Name please- I know your life as changed forever! Will you go back to school? I hope you’ll finding time to write! My grands are 15& 16 and getting so adult! We had a special trip with all of our family. It will leave us with wonderful memories and I know our boys will remember, also. Sheri Levy

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  2. eightpawswriting

    Hi Val, enjoyed your story. Yes, dogs seem to bring family together, and teach you things about unconditional love and trust. Mine expect my love and care and it is fun to share the time together. Once you’ve had a taste of that type of relationship, it’s hard not to repeat it.

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