Corgi Snow-Surfing Part II: The Race

On Friday, I posted pictures of Leia chasing Yoda through the snow storm.

Today, I wanted to share more. Turns out, Yoda got his revenge when the corgis had a “race to the human.” Yoda won! Of course, everyone who knows the corgis knows that Leia is the faster runner, simply because she is driven by insanity. So when they started running, I fully expected her to win.

“Hey, Yoda, want to race to our human over there?”

IMG_5409“You know I’d rather just sit here and th–hey!”


IMG_5411“It’s no use, Yoda. I’m cuter AND faster.”


“Not to mention crazier.” IMG_5413“You got that right.”

IMG_5414“But crazy dogs get easily distracted.”

IMG_5416“What? Never!”

IMG_5421“Wait, this particular piece of snow tastes really good. Let me just stop for a minute and–“

“Yep, thought so.”


“Getting to the human first is much better than eating that particular piece of snow.”IMG_5426“No. It was delicious. And totally worth it, Goody-Two-Paws.”

IMG_5427“Beats being crazy.”

Until next time, Corgi on!


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