Meet the Corgis

Because we’ve been meeting new fur-iends lately and everyone might not know us, we decided to introduce ourselves. Our person, Val, is helping us with this post. She doesn’t want any nonsense from me (Leia).

My brother is sitting under the desk right now in what he calls his “cubicle.” He is afraid of everything, including keyboards, so I’ll be talking for the both of us.

So like I said, my name’s Leia Corgi. I’m the cutest of the corgis in this house. I was born in a liter of four—I was the only girl, and when my person found me, I was being picked on by my three brothers because I wouldn’t stop biting their ears. When my person sits at the computer, I sit right next to her in the extra office chair. Here I am, looking cute as ever:

Leia curled up

We used to live in a townhome. We didn’t like it because it had too many stairs. The vet said that with our tiny little legs, we should avoid stairs as much as possible. But I’m Leia! So if there’s stairs, I’m gonna run up an’ down ‘em. We also had a tiny little yard. Our person got it fenced in for us, but it was no use chasing squirrels or birds. They made it past the fence before we could get to ‘em. Same for cats. There was this giant gray cat that used to visit us. She had a jingle bell on her collar, and whenever we heard it, we went nuts! But the cat knew we had a fence, and she would sit about six inches outside our fence and lick her paw while we barked and barked.

Our person told us we were in for a treat. We moved further out toward “the country” a year and a half ago. I got so much exercise running around there that the vet no longer tells my person to watch my weight. (Hmph! The nerve of that vet to talk about a girl’s weight!).

So we moved out here to the country. The best thing is when it snows. My brother and I love to play in the snow. In fact, I think snow might be the only thing my brother is not afraid of. Here’s a picture of me and Yoda in the snow. We hope it snows at least this much again this winter. Our person doesn’t agree.

corgi action shot

At least I’m not a scaredy-dog. When we go for a ride in the car car car!, our person makes me sit in the back because I run from side to side and squeal the whole time. This terrifies Yoda, of course, and he jumps into the front seat and plops down in the passenger seat and stares and stares and stares at our person—as if she could protect him from me! Here is a picture of him cowering there in the car. Sad, isn’t it?


Yoda: Are you gonna protect me from my crazy sister?

Yoda: Are you gonna protect me from my crazy sister?

Anyway, Yoda is afraid of just about everything, but he’s especially afraid of me. Whenever our person lets us sleep on her chair with her, I have to make sure to push Yoda down to her feet. I try to sleep as close to her face as possible. Sometimes she yells as me and says something about my breath and makes me move away (my breath?! She’s almost as rude as our vet! How could she insult me like that?) Anyway, here’s a picture our other person snapped of me trying to sleep as close as possible to our person:

Leia guarding Person

And speaking of scary, here is my favoritest picture of Yoda being afraid of me:

Yoda terrified


I’m a very smart dog, so I need a lot of distractions to keep me entertained. We used to have a hamster. It lived for two years and then died. My person got another hamster. It didn’t live the fully-anticipated two years, so our person said she was too sad to keep getting hamsters. But I loved them. I used to sit and watch them run around their little wheels for weeks at a time. The only thing better than a hamster would be a cat, but we can’t. Our person is allergic. How selfish!

Speaking of cats. In case you didn’t know, our person writes books about corgis. They’re called Corgi Capers, and we always get to be cover models. In the last book, she finally wrote about us being friends with a cat. You can see the cat on the cover. She looks just the like one that used to come torment us in our yard at the townhome. Here are the covers to the books:


Corgi Capers Book 2: Coming Soon!

Corgi Capers 3 front coverShe also wrote a book about a corgi that doesn’t look like us (the nerve!). It’s an illustrated book, and even though it doesn’t star us, it’s a good read. It’s about taking the time to enjoy each day and not to be afraid of everything (like my brother). It’s a lesson her parents taught her because she used to be afraid of lots of things—though not as many things as Yoda!

The front cover, illustrated by the talented Yuming Coa.

The front cover, illustrated by the talented Yuming Cao.

It’s now 4:34, and I was supposed to be fed at exactly 4:00, so I’m giving my person the “corgi eye stare” to let her know. So although there’s lots more I could tell you about myself, I’d rather go eat now. You should tell your person to feed you now, too! If you want to read more about me, you can check out the other blog posts here at I especially like the story “In Search of Winter.” It was written by Sapphie Corgi, the dog in Corgi Capers that’s mostly inspired by me.

Have a happy day, and I hope to talk to you again soon!



Leia Corgi (and, under the desk, Yoda, too!)

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  1. Dear Leia & Yoda,

    We asked our Mom to send you this message: We wish we lived in the country, too! We have a cat and sometimes she tells on us, so you’re probably lucky you don’t have one. We haven’t gotten to be cover models like you guys, but our Mom did put us in her book “Broken Promise”. She put our cat Snippit in there, too, but we don’t want to talk about that. We loved reading about your adventures. Have fun in the snow!

    Kip & Poncho (Sheltie Mix & Chihuahua)
    Christy Diachenko, typist

  2. Daxter, a fellow corgi, would like you to know this:
    Cats are the worst. They get all the attention just ’cause they’re “soft” and “don’t roll in dead animals.” Hmmmph.
    Chickens, though, are lots of fun. You get to watch them closely and sometimes, when Mom says they’re somewhere they’re not supposed to be, you get to herd them! I herd my chickens all the time. Sometimes, I let them get inside the fence by the door JUST so I can herd them back out.
    I like snow, too, but not when it’s too deep. You see, my legs are pretty short and when the snow’s too deep, I get stuck and can’t turn around. Usually Mom will make me a path, though, so it always turns out okay.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Leia and Yoda are jealous that they don’t get to herd chickens because it sounds like such fun. They have to settle on herding a green laser!

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