It’s that time of year again. The temperature is perfect; the snow is deep. That’s right—it’s time for the Corgi-lympics. This year’s stars, of course: Leia and Yoda!

Opening Ceremonies
The first part of the Corgi-lympics is the opening ceremonies. The most important part of these is to get a good spot on the couch. Leia and Yoda scored a comfy seat with lots of blankets to rest up before the games begin:


After the opening ceremonies, it’s important that each corgi understands the rules of the Corgi-lympics. Here are Leia and Yoda listening carefully to an official:

corgi_explainingrulesSynchronized Corgiing

The first competition in the Corgi-lympics is Synchronized Corgiing. Points are awarded for cuteness, level of difficulty, and amount of sync.


Leia and Yoda received a perfect score for synchronized snow-sitting.


They received an 8.72 for synchronized path hiking…


…and a 9.21 for synchronized corgi-butting.

Snow Angels

This competition awards points for style, level of complexity, and speed. Leia ran into a bit of trouble during this competition when she made a snow corgi instead of a snow angel, but she earned lots of points for speed:


Leia earned the most points for speed in the snow angel competition, but she lost points by making a snow corgi instead of a snow angel.

Snow Tiptoeing

This is the most complicated of the events at the Corgi-lympics. This event can only be held when the course is maintained under optimal conditions. Snow Tiptoeing can only be held when the snow is at least one foot deep with a thin layer of crusty ice on the top. This event is optimal for corgis under 30 pounds, so as you can imagine, Yoda had a harder time than Leia in this event. The goal is for the corgi to prance gracefully atop the crusty layer of snow without falling in. If the corgi falls in, he or she should pull himself up as quickly as possible and continue the rest of the program.

corgi_attempted snowcrawl

Leia taking a quick break after a near-fall in her second program for the corgi tiptoeing event.


Leia demonstrates mastery of corgi tiptoeing during her final program, earning her a gold medal.


An aerial view as Yoda hoists himself out of a bad fall during corgi tiptoeing. After several more attempts, Yoda withdrew from the event, citing the thinness of the icy top layer.


Even Leia fell during the first day of corgi snow tiptoeing. Icy conditions were not ideal.

Corgi Bed-Rolls

This event requires corgis to remove the remaining snow from a recently-exhumed dog bed. Points are awarded solely for speed.


Upon discovering the uncovered bed, the corgis fight for the right to compete first in this competition.


Yoda’s technique involved removing snow with his face.


Leia is more methodical, using her paws as well as her face to remove the snow.


Leia, the victor of the bed-rolling competition.

Human Following

Human Following is a new event at the Corgi-lympics. The goal of this event is to follow one’s human as closely as possible, almost—but not quite—getting kicked by the human’s boots as they trek through the deep snow. Points are deducted for getting too close to a boot, getting knocked by a boot, or crying as a result of getting knocked by a boot.


Yoda leads the way but is quickly disqualified for running underneath his person’s boot. Leia wins by default.

Cross Country Corgiing

The goal of this event is simple: cover as much snowy ground as quickly as possible. Yoda has the clear advantage here, as his legs are much taller, and he is bigger and stronger. Leia struggled to keep up, eventually appealing to a coach for help removing herself from the course.


Leia takes the lead briefly before being passed by Yoda.

Leia takes the lead briefly before being passed by Yoda.


Yoda finding a moment of peace before starting his gold-winning cross country corgi race.

Green Dot Hunting

Green dot hunting can only happen at night. The goal, of course, is to catch the green dot. Neither Yoda nor Leia were able to actually catch the green dot, though not for lack of effort. There was no winner in this year’s competition.


Here, Yoda *almost* catches the green dot before it disappears into a snow drift.


The goal of derping is to look frazzled and, well, derpish, for the camera. Here are Leia and Yoda, earning gold in a first-ever corgi double-derp:

corgi_doublederpCorgi Mountain Climbing

For Corgi Mountain Climbing, corgis must climb snow mounds of at least three feet. Leia performed moderately this year, but she won by default. Yoda was too afraid to attempt this event.

corgi_mountainclimbingCorgi Snow Surfing

Winners of Corgi Snow Surfing will combine speed, cuteness, stamina, and snow displacement. While Yoda earned top scores for speed, Leia excelled in all other categories.

corgi_snowsurfingWe hope you enjoyed this year’s Corgi-lympics. This year’s winner, of course, is Leia Corgi. She won more events than her brother, though most were by default (Yoda withdrawing from competition out of fear of various elements of each event). Until next year, stay strong and corgi on!


Leia, winner of this year’s Corgi-lympics, eats some celebratory snow.

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