Name That Cat Winners Announced!

Happy New Year’s Everyone! Hope 2013 brought you love and happiness, and hoping 2014 does the same. I’m starting the new year off with some good new.

After tallying the entries in the “Name that Cat” contest, the two highest scores were chosen, and the winners are…

name that cat winners

Laura F. and Wendy W.!

The name for Adam’s friend in Corgi Capers 3 will be Gavin, and the name of the cat will be Shadow!

And now, the correct answers to the contest questions:

  1. Mr. Hollinger, Adam’s father, is an architect. He used to work for a firm, but he has recently started his own architectural business in the detached garage (now an office) of his family’s home. Thus, while Mr. Hollinger is often “home,” he’s also often “at work.”
  2. Mrs. Hollinger’s ongoing obsession is correcting grammar. She is a proofreader by trade, and she gets easily distracted correcting grammar in conversations, advertisements, and displays–much to Adam’s annoyance!
  3. Sapphie’s favorite thing in the world is–well, everything! She claims that toys are her favorite thing in the world, as is eating, as is sleeping, as is chewing her brother’s ears, as is… well, you get the idea.
  4. Courtney’s biggest obsession is… her cell phone. The worst punishment she could receive is being grounded from her cell phone, and as you can imagine, the phone itself causes much havoc in her adventures.
  5. When Adam needs to think about solving a mystery, he wears the fedora his father gave him. Though he’ll discuss the situation with Patrick when he’s able, or seek help on the computer, there’s nothing as helpful as wearing his hat and imagining he is Riley Couth, the super sleuth, his favorite comic book detective.
  6. Zeph is not afraid of ice cubes. Though he fears most other things in life, he enjoys crunching on ice cubes while sitting on his favorite comforter in the kitchen.
  7. In Corgi Capers 1, Sapphie narrowly avoids trouble after being stuck under a pile of newspapers. Mr. Hollinger has a hoarding habit when it comes to newspapers. He refuses to get rid of them until he has read them all, and when a mischievous Sapphie sneaks into his office, well… nothing smells quite as exciting as newsprint!
  8. Adam dislikes cell phones. He sees the trouble Courtney gets into with cell phones. Alarmingly, his parents discuss the possibility of getting Adam his own phone soon.
  9. Sapphie and Zeph got their names from Adam’s favorite comic book series, Logan Zephyr and the Stellar Squadron. In one episode, they encounter a royal alien named Princess Sapphie, who is spoiled and energetic, just like little Sapphie the Corgi.

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners. Both Laura and Wendy will be receiving a copy of Corgi Capers 3 upon release!

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