A Corgi Thanksgiving

The corgis had lots of fun visiting friends and family (canine and human) for Thanksgiving. Here are some of their adventures:

First stop: Pennsylvania!

Leia was okay during the car ride there. She tends to be hyper, so every now and again she would stand up and cry, and wiggle her whole body with excitement. Yoda, as always, just at there being good. When they arrived in Pennsylvania, Buster was very happy to see them.

Yoda the Corgi and Buster the Boxer playing together. Buster never seems to get tired, but Yoda can keep up!

While the boys were playing, Miss Leia found her way to Buster’s food dish. She thought she was being sneaky, taking a mouthful of food at a time and running away with it, but I caught her on film!

They were tired from all the playtime with Buster, so the corgis slept most of the way to Maryland late that night:

In Maryland, the corgis encountered many other dogs: Crispin, Sophie, and Zuko.

After a while, all the dog activity became too much for Leia, and she found a nice, cozy hiding spot in the basement.

Her batteries charged just fine that night, however, and she was ready for more corgi capers the next morning. While I went to get something from my car–literally 20 seconds of not watching her–she found a pile of, well–it was brown, sticky, gooey, and stinky! And she rolled in it…

Leia, exiled to the tie-out while we finished lunch (you could smell her a mile off!)

That whole patch of fur on the front is supposed to be bright white–yuk! How can such a cute little dog get into so much trouble?

Leia’s best pal in the world was not amused.

But Zuko thought it was pretty funny!

Then it was time for Leia to have a bath.

After bath time, the corgis and their canine and human pals went for a very long walk at the park (Yoda is still too afraid to cross over the wooden bridge–he goes all the way around). Then, dinner (the dogs were all very successful at begging). The corgis and their human pals are very thankful for all they have–family, friends, food, freedom… and of course, a warm, safe place to sleep:

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a Good Night!

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