Corgi the Corgi Mascot

This summer, I decided to create a corgi mascot costume for use at book signings. Since summer signings are too hot, though, I delayed the project until recently. But with fall book signings starting to multiply, I decided to tackle the project. Here’s how I did it:

I started out with newspaper sculpted around a beach ball.


Before paper-mache-ing the newspaper, I decided to add an open mouth as part of the mask.



In the meantime, while the paper mache was drying, I found a pattern at the fabric store, which I modified to suit my purposes. First step: cutting the pattern and the fabric.


The cut fabric starts to come together, thanks to my sewing machine. Old but reliable. A real trooper!


With the paper mache dry, I attached a lightweight construction helmet to the inside of the mask, insuring it would stay balanced and snug on the head of the victim–I mean, volunteer–who gets to wear the costume!


A zipper makes the suit come together!


Elastic on the cuffs.


With the mask dried, I drilled holes for increased ventilation (and to lower the weight) and covered the eyes with a double layer of screen.

Now the hard part. Because I am an English teacher, not a math major, I had to figure out how to sew different shapes of fabric over the mask to create the corgi look. I used a bit of glue for security, then sewed the edges of all the pieces together.


I sewed… and sewed…

…and sewed…


And added the nose… and the eye lining…


Until it all came together…


I added the red tongue and eyebrows just in time for Corgi the Corgi’s first book signing!


It turns out Corgi the Corgi is a pretty good dancer… and was the star of the evening!


A special thanks to my husband for donning the costume all night. Hey, at least with all the dancing, he got in his exercise for the day!

Stay tuned–Corgi Capers Book 2 is coming soon!



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