The Corgis are Loose!

Great News!

Corgi Capers: Deceit on Dorset Drive is now available. You can buy directly from the publisher at, or you can order it at

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What happens when Adam Hollinger and his obnoxious older sister, Courtney, convince their absent-minded mother to allow them to adopt a pair of corgis — after their father explicitly said, “No!” ?

Author Val Muller answers this question as the mystery on Dorset Drive unfolds.

There’s a serial thief robbing every house in the neighborhood, including the Hollingers’. As the plot deepens and the suspense builds, Adam and the rambunctious corgi pups are determined to crack the case. Even Courtney can’t resist getting involved.

Corgi Capers: Deceit on Dorset Drive (223 pp., $8.99) is the perfect book for your ‘tween detective. From the brother/sister bickering and teasing, to the elderly couple that raise corgis, to Sparkles and Owl, the parents of four wiggly little corgi pups, to the pups who talk to one another and get adopted by their new people, this book will quickly become a favorite with your children. The story line is intriguing, the pups are adorable, and there’s plenty of humor to keep your children turning the pages until they reach the suspenseful climax.

ISBN 978-0615592237

Here and there light from a front porch spilled onto the road. Still, as he looked up, the trees took on sinister shapes. When the wind blew, a giant oak looked like a three-armed monster reaching out to grab him. And there was just enough of a crescent moon to show the filmy clouds hovering spookily in the sky, veiling the stars in a gossamer shade.

Adam shivered and turned on his flashlight. He felt like it was Halloween.

Zeph, on the other hand, was not afraid. His nose took over so that the darkness didn’t bother him.

“You’re braver than I am,” Adam admitted as he shined the flashlight at the oak — just to make sure it was still an oak.

With that, Zeph let out a long, low groowwwl.

“What is it?” Adam gulped.

Zeph froze, his nose pointed toward the cul-de-sac. A moment later, Adam heard the shuffle-shuffle-shuffle of feet.

“Is somebody there?”

Adam pointed his flashlight in the direction of the noise. A jogger dressed in dark clothing shielded his eyes from the flashlight.

“Do you mind?” asked the jogger in an energetic — almost nervous — voice.

“Sorry,” Adam said. “You scared me. Why are you jogging in the dark?”

“It’s the best time,” the man said hastily.

Adam shone the flashlight again on the man, but the man covered his face.

“It’s dangerous to be out in such dark clothing. Especially with a burglar on the loose.”

Adam pointed the flashlight once more at the stranger, but the man had already started jogging away.

* * *

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